Rathi Adhesive Industries

Rathi Adhesive Industries Pvt. Ltd.

The unit for Rathi Adhesive is located in the industrial city of Biratnagar in Nepal. This unit has been manufacturing adhesives since 1982 AD. The organization has more than 50 members who are trained time and again to deliver the finest quality of adhesives and creating value for the end users. The unique formula used by the company to produce adhesives enables them to say “if you want to stick anything we have the solution.”

Types of product that this unit has the capacity to produce enough adhesive to cater to the domestic market. Our mission is to -“To become the No. 1 adhesive brand in Nepal”. We have installed advanced automated machines and testing system to regularly check the weight, quality and packaging of the products.

Product Types:

Rathicol – One of the most recognized brand in the market of adhesive is Rathicol. It is a synthetic resign adhesive made in the unit situated in the industrial town of Biratnagar. Easy  application and good quality are some features of this product. 

Super Rathicol – It is a superior quality product and takes less time in setting itself. The quality is made in par with the international quality standards. Easy application and maximized bond of the coverage area is the benefit of using this product. Time taken to set is 3.5hrs. Best suitable for A Grade plywood and laminates.

Anybond Marine – It is a waterproof adhesive which sets itself in 1.5 hours. it gives unbreakable bond in the coverage area and is of premium quality

Rathi Bond – It is rubber based adhesive applicable in cloth and carpet industry. It is a recognized brand in Nepal.

Anybond Dendrite –  It is a special rubber based adhesive which is applicable in carpet industry as well as in making Buses.

Heatproof Adhesive – It is the highest quality of rubber based adhesive for multipurpose use, which is available in the market. It provides  high durability and has a tolerance level of -10 degree to 190 degrees, which means it is suitable for all weather conditions.