Rathi Group is one of the oldest and largest business houses in the country. The group operates from the industrial city of Biratnagar, Nepal. The group was founded by Late Seth Shri. Rama Kishan Rathi whose name is taken with immense respect and symbol for honesty, sincerity, integrity and hard-work in the business community of Nepal. Late Rama Kishan Rathi, a man of dreams, whose forefathers came all the way from Rajasthan in search of better living and prosperity for the family. The hard work and toil of Late Rama Kishan Rathi and his two brothers Shrikishan Rathi and Jaikishan Rathi in Bikram Samvat 1970 established him as a successful businessman as well as an important pillar of the society.

He commenced the business by trading the commodities procured from nearby Indian market and selling the same to the local market and the adjacent rural markets. Further, he embarked into the rice business and established JUGAL RICE & OIL MILLS Pvt. Ltd. This venture became a history in the country's rice export and he was soon recognized as the "Rice King of Nepal". The company exported quality rice to not only the Asian countries but also to some European countries. Due to surge in the demand, they soon set up 3 more rice and oil mills and had hired space from five more mills of the local area.

Late Seth Shri. Rama Kishan Rathi also played a vital role in building a better and harmonious society where the citizens can live in peace and brotherhood. Out of his hard earned property, he donated few acres of land to the society to build a community hall where social gatherings can be organized. Apart from this, he also took active part in all the social activities in whatsoever the manner. It is an old saying that nobody returned empty handed from the doors of this great man.

The trend was further carried on by the next generation of Moolchand Rathi & Jugal Kishore Rathi under the guidance of Jaikishan Rathi.

The group stands upon the 4 pillars of the business, namely- HONESTY, SINCERITY, INTEGRITY and HARD-WORK which were laid by the founder of the Group. The group has now further diversified their business into multiple business trajectories of manufacturing, services, trading, and import & export. At present, the group is actively involved in the business of electrical accessories, winding wires, cables, adhesives, tourism, logistics, dairy, industrial LV, control and switch gears, PP products, alternate energy and power back-up systems, hardware and sanitary, hospitals, educational institute.

Today this group has grown to a voluminous organization indulging in various businesses with turnover of around 100 crores and is always exploring the new possibilities of business.