Annapurna Winding Wires

Annapurna Winding Wires was established in the year of 1984 A.D. (2040 B.S.) in Hatkhola, Biratnagar-10 in order to fulfill the demand of super enameled copper winding wire from SWG 9 to SWG 42 which is mainly used for the transformer manufacturing, motor winding, fans & stabilizers etc.

The annual production capacity is 500 Metric Ton. We have been supplying the product in local and exporting our products to ABB, Crompton and Orient Fans in India.

All products are made of "Continuous Cast Electrolytic Copper Conductor". We have been using the varnish of Dr. Beck Pune, India.

Now in order to enhance the production capacity, we have recently installed "Fine Enameling Machine" of SYM China.